Halloween Spider Slime

Crazy Little Chemist

If your kids are anything like mine, they cannot get their hands on enough slime! With the month of October upon us, crafts and activities in our home have taking on a spooky spin. Yes, jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows are standard fare, but why not add spidery slime into the seasonal … [Continue reading]

Eggplant Greek Yogurt Puree


The best thing to do as a family is visit your local farmers market. If you have a new infant I feel like your baby or toddler has you up at an early hour anyway, so why not get out of the house and enjoy some early morning outdoor bonding time? When my daughter Elle was an infant this was my … [Continue reading]

6th Annual Costume Cutie Contest


Halloween is just a few weeks away, meaning it’s time for our 6th annual Costume Cutie Contest—a chance for you and your little one to show off your … [Continue reading]

Baby Pumpkin Carrot Soup


Soup is one of the first ‘real meals’ that my babies enjoyed eating. I love the stage where they are starting to realize they can drink through a … [Continue reading]

Raspberry Peach Quinoa Puree


This recipe is so fun and fruity that your baby will love it. It's great for the 9- to 12-month-old baby. Before you feed your baby raspberries or … [Continue reading]

Planting Trees with the Boys


Almost every time that my boys are playing in the backyard, the Los Angeles sun beats down on us. I feel a pang of regret that we didn’t plant more … [Continue reading]

Back to Daycare


Seeing how my daughter is only two, and isn’t in real school yet, we started her in daycare at our local church. It was last year and I was very … [Continue reading]

Curried Cauliflower Soup


With my head cold and congestion I found myself daydreaming about a curry cauliflower soup that my mother in law made for us and found this creamy … [Continue reading]

Grillin’ and Chillin’: Late Summer Salads

Roasted Corn

As a high school teacher, the end of the summer is both joyous and agonizing. As much as I want to thoroughly enjoy the dog days of summer, thoughts … [Continue reading]

Chicken and Baby Potatoes with Red Pepper Puree


This is a fact: I am always in the kitchen. Usually creating new baby food purees or making cakes for my YouTube channel LovelyLadyCakes. I need a … [Continue reading]